Thursday, January 11, 2007

The First Week

Three more hours and I would've officially worked here at Igloo for one full week.

The nostalgic flashback. 5 days ago.
Battling out the first two days with a mixture of morning sickness, fatigue and a burning desire to eat my by Mac by the spoon full. This is my story.

Entering the studio for the second time after my interview, I was still thoroughly impressed by the studio layout, the sleekness, the array of crazy posters and the free breakfast
kitchen. I was greeted by a bunch of great people, both as professionals (admin, designers etc.) and as individuals, everyone was very welcoming and carried an awesome vibe. They weren't just being friendly to the new guy for 10 mins.

Firstly I am introduced to the world of Macs and as a budding designer it was my secret shame that I've always used PC's. Getting introduced to time sheets and working at lightning speed the nerves started to kick in. But at the same time I was starting to get adjusted and started gaining invaluable experience and started to learn so many things it was 6 hours into work. Particularly my introduction to tween classes it was bloody brilliant. The environment was very laid back but professional at the same time, with Chopper jokes being called at least 3 times every hour.

The next three days became a lot easier and I was working on a couple of different projects already it was great. Eventually I was pulled into learning how to create your typical Web 2.0 elements and getting re-acquainted with my old friend Flash and actionscripting. At this point the Mac was beginning to comply with what I wanted to do and my discovery of the F9 key and how to print screen the Mac way was a milestone that was worthy of a paper mache plaque made out of recycled Big Mac wrappers.

A combination of producing great work, working with great people and working in a great place I am sure I made the right choice to choose Igloo as the place to do my internship over the studios. PS. in case your wondering the senior designer doesn't have a gun to my head at the moment nor is he bribing me, but that would be nice...hmm...I think working here is a reward in itself, well it is genuinely a great place to be working!

The young padawan is still learning from the Jedi's! Insert Star Wars kid video here. This blog entry was a bit pansy I might need to "harden the f. up!' for next weeks entry.

What would a blog be without nifty some pictures to illustrate.

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